Industries that are using AI for good

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Posted on: June 24, 2020 9:55 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence is helping a number of industries improve their operations

Technology is not born with ill intentions; it is people who give a bad name to technologies. With that being said, it is also common that technology advancements are used for good. Case in point is artificial intelligence (AI), which is being used for good in many ways. AI can provide a valuable tool to analyze things from a different perspective and come up with different and creative solutions to vexing old problems. Nowadays, there are numerous companies out there using AI for great causes.

Through deep-learning algorithms, AI is helping healthcare professionals. More specifically, for cancer patients, where AI’s imaging capabilities are making a difference for cancer identification and screening. These machines can also predict the development of diseases across the entire healthcare network. For instance, a group at Mount Sinai was able to predict the development of diseases with a 94% accuracy using AI algorithms.

AI is also saving the bees. The World Bee Project is using AI to save the bees, whose population is in decline. In partnership with Oracle, this project hopes to learn how to help bees survive and thrive by collecting data using internet-of-things sensors on hives and then analyzing the data.

AI is also helping people with certain disabilities to have better tools to be more independent. Huawei used AI and augmented reality to create a free mobile app called StorySign, which helps deaf children learn to read by translating the text into sign language. The same company also created devices that are easy to use and affordable that can identify visual disorders in children before it causes blindness.