Ivy League cancels all fall sports activity because of the coronavirus

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Posted on: July 9, 2020 6:58 pm EDT

The college football league decides the risks to players’ health is too great to continue with sports this year

Followers of the Ivy League might need to wait until next year to see some sports competitions, as the league announced yesterday that all sports activities have been canceled at least until the end of the fall semester. The Ivy League is putting its sports calendar on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that it is still hitting several states. According to Jon Rothstein from CBS Sports, the conference already sent notifications to all fall varsity programs in which it stated that it will not host any sports until at least January 1.

This decision also means that the beginning of the seasons for winter sports like basketball and hockey will be delayed. Regarding winter sports, the Ivy League expects to be able to start these seasons by spring 2021. This move follows up individual decisions made by university members like Harvard, which decided to conduct all classes in online formats for what is left of the 2020-21 academic year. This change in the calendar will most likely affect the 2020 FBS Season that typically runs in late August or early September, but more details are expected to be released as the date get closer.

This past March, the Ivy League was one of the first ones to cancel events when the first player tested positive for coronavirus in the NBA. The cancellation of the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments followed next. Now, with the Ivy League out, there is concern that the rest of the NCAA might follow suit and eliminate all fall college sports across the country.