Japan opens the first eSports-geared hotel

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Posted on: July 14, 2020 5:37 pm EDT

The e-ZONe hotel is the first of its kind and caters to the gaming industry

The eSports industry is relatively new, and it has a large opportunity to expand to other areas to cater eSports enthusiasts. In Osaka, Japan, a new eSports-focused hotel opened its doors earlier this month, and just by looking at what it has to offer, it sounds like paradise for gamers.
e-ZONe is the country’s first eSports hotel, and it has top-end gaming PCs everywhere around. In total, e-ZONe has 72 top gaming computers to be used on special events, such as eSports competitions.

The design of this facility was thought to make a gamer happy – for instance, the huge 55-inch monitors located on each floor and different peripheral areas that can be used with the PC setups. One area that might be concerning for some people – and their privacy – is the capsule beds that the hotel has installed.
They don’t really look too comfortable, but maybe a gamer who stays up until late hours probably won’t mind resting in one of these beds after a long gaming session.

The hotel has a beautiful location, about a five-minute walk from Ota Road, the sacred place of Osaka’s subculture. The facility has been divided into several areas to enjoy different events; for instance, the high-spec PC area and the PC games area are distributed from the first to third floors, while the rooms for customers are located from the fourth to the eighth floor.

This is an interesting expansion for the eSports industry. If it works, it could pave the way for other companies to bring services from other industries to serve the eSports industry.