John McAfee wants to introduce a new privacy digital token

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Posted on: April 15, 2020 10:17 pm EDT

The controversial cryptocurrency and would-be presidential candidate dives deeper into digital currency

A longtime eccentric and cryptocurrency advocate have just announced his new crypto project for a privacy coin called Ghost. John McAfee, a famous yet controversial personality in the crypto space, tweeted on April 11 the details about the project he has been working on, saying that the new token will be supported by a Proof-of-Stake algorithm and tradable against leading cryptocurrencies, which will be possible thanks to atomic swaps on the McAfeeDex decentralized exchange. “With a DEX/privacy coin combo we now have full control of our finances!” he said.

McAfee has been quite a polemic figure who has been present advocating for cryptocurrencies since the beginning of their appearance. He claims to be wanted in the US for evading taxes and is proud of that fact. Also, in 2018, he started receiving $105,000 payments in exchange for tweets in which he was promoting certain cryptocurrencies – later, he admitted that he had been receiving the fees for over six months by then. During this time, he also mentioned one study conducted by Vice in which it was concluded that his tweets drove short-term price gains between 50% and 350%.

Later in 2019, this computer programmer who launched the McAfee computer antivirus software giant, was involved in a very shady dispute with South China Zombie Research Centre (SCZRC), the developers behind Zombie Coin. The company paid McAfee $4.5 million to promote its initial coin offering (ICO) and, after paying him up front, he turned his back on the project and called it a “shitcoin,” which led the SCZRC to threaten him with a $100 million lawsuit.

Before this announcement, his last activity was the launch of a crypto asset. It was an ERC-20 token dubbed “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself.” The token seems to be available only in his own decentralized exchange, but it has almost zero liquidity.