‘Jungleman’ asks Bryn Kenney, Phil Hellmuth to donate to Dan Cates Foundation

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: April 14, 2021 1:11 am EDT

Bryn Kenney said he’d play Phil Hellmuth heads-up and donate any winnings to charity. Dan “Jungleman” Cates suggested he send the funds directly to his foundation, and he wants in on the heads-up action.

Kenney called out Hellmuth recently for claiming to be the best poker player in the world. He wants the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner to back his mouth up and play him. Hellmuth responded by defending his poker resume, but hasn’t said if he’ll play. It’s highly unlikely the “Poker Brat” will take on such a challenge. He only competes in sit-n-go style heads-up battles like his current match against Daniel Negreanu. Luck is a contributing factor in that format and he knows he’d have a difficult time beating a top pro over thousands of hands.

Hellmuth isn’t the only poker pro Kenney’s attacked on social media lately. He also took shots at Phil Galfond and Ike Haxton, although he hasn’t committed to playing either. Hellmuth, on the other hand, he’s ready to tangle with, apparently.

If that were to happen, “Jungleman” has a suggestion: donate the winnings from the match to his charity, the Dan Cates Foundation. And after that, he’d like to play either player in a separate heads-up match.

“Hey @phil_hellmuth I hear you and @BrynKenney are talking a bunch of stuff about winning tournaments and that you like charities. Why don’t you guys donate to my foundation (the Dan Cates Foundation), we may be pretty close to building hospitals!” Dan Cates wrote.

Poker player helps the needy

The Dan Cates Foundation raises money to benefit less fortunate kids and families in Africa. Cates is passionate about his charity, and has donated some of his poker winnings to the foundation. He also asks his fellow poker pros to help out. Kenney responded to the tweet, and didn’t say he’s opposed to the offer but had some choice words for “Jungleman.”

“Show me what your organization is doing, how much money u have put into it.  Posting online about donating to ur charities that are probably very early in any process is weak and tagging me in it.  This is an ego post and nobody cares to play u heads up,” Kenney said in response to “Jungleman’s” tweet.

Hellmuth didn’t comment on “Jungleman’s” call out. Perhaps he’s too focused right now on preparing for Round 2 of “High Stakes Duel II” against Negreanu. Or, he knows he’s never going to accept a challenge against Cates, one of the top online poker players ever.

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