Justin Sun offers bounty to identify those behind Twitter’s crypto scam hack

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Posted on: July 16, 2020 5:41 pm EDT

$1 million will go to the individual who identifies the hackers behind a recent Twitter attack

The giant social media site Twitter was the most recent victim of a massive hack that occurred yesterday, and which ended up with a number of high-profile accounts being breached. One of those Twitter accounts was the one belonging to Tron founder Justin Sun, who has started a hunt for the ones responsible for this attack. Sun just offered a $1-million bounty in exchange for tracking down the hackers and provide significant data on the situation about this cryptocurrency scam.

Sun, who is also CEO of BitTorrent, spoke with Cointelegraph about this matter, stating, “We are working closely with Twitter to resolve this issue immediately and return our accounts to normal. We are always vigilant in the handling our accounts; operating safely and responsibly — taking the security of our accounts to the highest standards possible. This only further illuminates the urgent need for our society to adopt decentralized, trustless software and services.”

The hack that occurred yesterday breached a huge portion of Twitter accounts and it seems to be directed at the accounts with the most followers. Among those accounts were Coinbase, Gemini, the Tron Foundation and several other companies not related to the cryptocurrency industry, such as Apple. Also, personal accounts of celebrities like Barack Obama, Wiz Khalifa and Kim Kardashian, and other crypto influencers like Charlie Lee and Sun’s personal account were also hacked.

Most of those accounts, including those belonging to Elon Musk and Bill Gates, were hacked simultaneously. Even though this was the first time a hack like this was done directly to a social media site of such high profile, these kinds of scams are quite common. The hackers post simple messages asking for crypto funds to be delivered, which sounds too simple, but it is a scam that works.