Lamborghini is now into eSports

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Posted on: June 4, 2020 10:07 pm EDT

The high-end vehicle manufacturer is launching its own eSports series

Lamborghini is one of the top automobile companies that has stood out for its cars featuring luxury, prestige and speed. However, it seems like the Italian car manufacturer is taking a step in another direction and is entering in the eSports scene. It was announced last week that Lamborghini will introduce its first-ever eSports series called “The Real Race.” This new business activity has been possible through a collaboration with the video game “Assetto Corsa Competizione.”

This new series welcomes players of all skill levels. The format consists of five qualifying weekends that will start on Friday, May 29, and will conclude in August. This new sim-racing series will wrap up the championship flying the top drivers to Italy in September for an exciting in-person finale. “This is completely aligned with Lamborghini’s strategy to be closer to brand lovers and the younger generations,” said Katia Bassi, Lamborghini’s chief marketing officer.

Lamborghini’s cars are quite pricey – they range from nearly $200,000 to $5 million, which is not exactly a car that can be purchase by any person besides millionaires. Therefore, Bassi thinks that entering the eSports industry can be useful as a way to connect to brand lovers and popularize the brand even more among other groups of demographics. In addition, this eSports program will grant some space to gain marketing data.

“We sell 8,000 cars per year,” she said. “The reality is that in terms of brand awareness and participation, for sure this is going to be a good element for us to grow. . . . And, honestly, to have data to create predictive marketing. The more we know what our fan base would like to see from us, the better it is, because we want to be even more accurate than we are right now.”