Larry Sanders reportedly contemplates an NBA un-retirement

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Posted on: June 29, 2020 6:13 pm EDT

The basketball pro has been back and forth in the league, and wants to return again

The NBA is still on hold since March when the league forced a suspension after two players with the Utah Jazz tested positive for the coronavirus. Since then, a lot of people involved in the NBA have had time to think about their careers and future in basketball, even players that are already retired. One of those players is former 15th overall pick and Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders, who spoke about his intentions with TMZ Sports yesterday. It seems Sanders may be ready to come out of retirement and get back on the court.

Not even a month ago, Sanders spoke at length about his experience in the NBA and how he made the decision to step away from the league. Also, about his feelings for his former team and the city of Milwaukee. But now, Sanders seems to be looking forward rather than backward regarding his NBA participation and he seems to be strongly considering making a comeback to the league and return to a professional team.

During his interview with TMZ Sports, Sanders said that he still believes that he is well-suited for the NBA and can contribute to a winning team based on how the basketball league has evolved. “I think with things shifting a bit, me still young, I feel like I’m in the prime stage, I can definitely contribute,” said Sanders. “I would just love to contribute to a team and help them win and give my knowledge, give my defensive presence and just being able to play basketball. That’s ideal for me. That sounds like heaven.”

This is not the first comeback Sanders has had to basketball as he has returned on a couple of occasions since he walked away from the Bucs back in 2015.