League of Legends groups join forces for coronavirus relief

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Posted on: May 19, 2020 5:31 pm EDT

A new League of Legends streaming marathon will raise money for several nonprofits

Riot games wants to do its share to collect funds for coronavirus relief efforts; therefore, it has announced a “Mid-season Streamthon” scheduled for later this month. The event will run from May 29-31 and will include several in international and influencer matchups, as well as the Mid-Season Cup showdown that is usually run between the two top teams in the League of Legends, Pro League (LPL) and LOL Champions Korea (LCK). This streamthon will run for a total of 48-hours.

During this event, all funds collected from organizations and fans are going straight to a global network formed by nonprofit organizations that are giving direct support during the pandemic. Two of those organizations are the ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund and the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund. According to Riot, the showdown will welcome the top four teams from the LPL (China) Spring Split, who will face the top four teams from the LCK (South Korea) Spring Split in the League of Legends Mid-Season Cup.

All teams will compete online; the LCK teams will be stationed in Seoul and the LPL teams in Shanghai. None of those locations will be open for the public due to the pandemic; however, there will be plenty of options to watch the matches online. The matches will be broadcasted live on watch.lolesports.com.

Riot also added that this is just the first event that will be announced as part of the agenda to replace the 2020 Mid-Season invitational that was canceled. There are other events that will be announced later. The LPL region will bring along Spring Split champion JD Gaming, Top Esports, FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming. And Koreans, on the other hand, are competing with LCK champion T1 Gen. G, DragonX and DAMWON Gaming.