Live behind-the-scenes updates from High Stakes Poker Season 11

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Posted on: April 28, 2023 3:09 am EDT

Well that was some night. It was a line-up that threatened to go off, and it certainly delivered on that score.

The poker had to play second fiddle at times, but you could never say that the first ever High Stakes Poker live stream was dull.

We were there behind the scenes to record the mayhem as it happened and these live updates are the evidence that we’ll leave behind for future generations to judge us on.

You can also read our wrap write-up, Queens, kings & jesters, and get Brad Willis’ take on why PokerGO may have just saved televised poker.

You can re-watch all of the action below. And you’ll find all of our behind-the-scenes updates as they happened underneath the stream.

Live updates from the PokerGO studios