Magic: The Gathering eSports videos being released this week

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Posted on: May 5, 2020 5:14 pm EDT

The series of videos can be found on the Magic’s YouTube channel

YouTube will offer a load of quality content for eSports fans during the week with a new edition of Magic: The Gathering eSports videos. The announcement was made by Wizards of the Coast, and these videos will be released on the official MTG YouTube channel as well as the Magic esports YouTube channel. Each day of the week will present a show with its own unique name, Pro Files, Outside Notes, Rogue Refinery, Advantage Bar, and Magic Minute.

Yesterday presented Pro Files and, during the show, commentator Rich Hagon interacts with members of the Magic Pro League, inquiring about what is needed for a pro player to become a successful one. Cedric Phillips, Maria Bartholdi, Riley Knight, Corbin Hosler, and Corey Baumeister are leading the show. They cover many topics regarding cards, decks and data relevant data, as well as adding some funny ideas on possible future formats.

Today finds the Outside Notes, focused on Magic’s limited format. This show is hosted by Magic caster Marshall Sutcliffe, also a longtime Limited Resources host. This show presents several humorous clips as well as video calls to Magic personalities to discuss Draft or Sealed formats.

The first episode of Rogue Refinery will be aired on Wednesday, May 6. It will be hosted by MTG casters AliasV and Paul Cheon. Both personalities will talk about unique decks with cards beyond the metagame breakdown.

Advantage Bar will be Thursday’s entertainment and, finally, Magic Minute, which runs today through Friday, will cover everything that is happening in the eSports world in just 60 seconds, hosted by Becca Scott.