Mare Balticum Gaming Summit takes center stage across the world, virtually

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Posted on: April 9, 2020 5:44 pm EDT

The third edition of the MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit and The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards is going to be held via live streaming

Virtual Gambling Conference takes center stage across the world Gambling conferences run like clockwork on the calendar, with conferences of all stripes being held throughout the year. Some appeal to service providers. Others appeal to affiliates. And others are targeted to operators. No matter the conference, they have one thing in common — they bring people together. The Covid-19 crisis has crippled the globe, forcing people to work from home. But that hasn’t stopped gambling and iGaming conferences from running. Take the MARE MALTICUM Gaming Summit. On May 7th, they’re holding a virtual edition of their conference. The online offering will gather 300 professionals from the gambling industry around virtual tables. Attendees can conduct 1-on-1 meetings in the virtual deal room with clients, partners, and prospects alike.

And like all other conferences, this virtual edition has a number of worthwhile topics on the agenda, including:

• Restarting the Sports Betting Industry
• Sports Betting During Covid-19
• Alternatives to Classic Sports Betting Are Flourishing
• Social Gaming: Taking the Audience by Storm
• Delivering Quality Customer Experience During Crisis Times
• How Are Affiliates Surviving This Period of Uncertainty?
• Is the Online Casino Industry Benefiting During this Sports Disruption Period?
• The Payments Industry During Covid-19
• Will Advertisement Banning Still Be Enforced After Covid-19?

The conference caters to the European market, but with an online offering, it’s likely that major players from all corners of the globe will be interested in attending. While the virtual version of the conference is intriguing, it doesn’t replace the face-to-face experience a real world conference can provide. That’s why there will be a live version of the conference later in the year. There’s no word yet on whether other major iGaming and online poker conferences will be moved or offer a virtual version because of Covid-19, but we’ll be following everything closely to provide you with timely insight.