Trump supporter Mike Matusow ready to concede defeat to Joe Biden

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: November 12, 2020 7:06 pm EST

Mike Matusow has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump the past four years, but he’s ready to throw in the towel. The long-time poker pro is now finally resigned to the fact that Joe Biden will become America’s next president.

Trump’s re-election bid appears to be a complete failure. All mainstream media outlets have called the race for the former vice president. Votes are still trickling in from some swing states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona. But with Biden out in front in all the remaining key states, the math simply isn’t there for the incumbent president.

However, many of Trump’s supporters won’t accept defeat, and that includes the president, who is forcing legal action on the swing states that swung Biden’s way. He, and many of his hardcore fans, believe voter fraud is the only reason Biden came out on top. But neither Trump nor any of his supporters have brought forth actual evidence. What they have shown the public instead is some baseless claims made by sources that few outside the base trust.

As it stands, Biden has 77.2 million votes nationally compared to Trump’s 72.1. The only votes that matter come from the Electoral College, however. And come December 14 when the electors place their votes for president, Biden will have more than the 270 electoral votes required. The likelihood of a Biden presidency isn’t sitting well with most Trump followers, but one poker pro is ready to accept his leader’s fate.

Matusow resigned to fate

Matusow has been one of Trump’s biggest defenders on poker Twitter the past four years. Although he admits he isn’t a fan of the president’s character, he loves Trump’s policies and willingness to take on what he, and the president, refer to as the “fake news media.” But he just can’t get on board with those in the MAGA crowd who believe the election will be overturned.

“Dear Maga people who follow me! Let yourself down now before you go crazy. This recount is only about showing small amounts of fraud which they will, and to raise money so they have to vote in person in Georgia run offs! That is what it is about period!” Matusow wrote.

The four-time WSOP bracelet winner received criticism from those who buy into the unproven voter fraud claims. One Twitter user (@playuasong) responded with yet another baseless voter fraud claim. He wrote: “Under most circumstances I would agree with you, but they discovered issues with the voting software Dominion that might prove otherwise but in the end who knows.”

Another Trump supporter (@JBCVAZ) wasn’t too thrilled with Matusow’s post, but for different reasons. He too has accepted the president’s fate and told Matusow to “stop lecturing people” because he knows “he is done.”

One other MAGA follower spewed yet another conspiracy theory in Matusow’s thread. Twitter user @BruceTWilliams writes: “There is no question the election fraud has taken place. It is statistically impossible for piles of votes to appear only for Biden. The Pennsylvania lawsuit claims that 21,000 dead people voted. While there are claims that Soros linked voting machines were used by key states.”

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