MLB is finding more difficulty trying to restart the season

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Posted on: June 1, 2020 5:52 pm EDT

The MLBPA rejects the owners’ economic proposal and sends back its own version

All four major sports leagues in the US are working on the necessary changes for their respective seasons to either resume or be ready to start. So far, the NFL is just waiting for the season games to start in a few months, and the NBA and NHL seem to be taking huge steps forward for their seasons to continue. However, while MLB keeps trying to speed up everything and get to agreements to start this year’s season that was supposed to run since April, it seems to be having more difficulties.

It is clearly not a competition among the leagues to see which one makes it first, but it seems that the negotiations with clubs and players are not going as smoothly as expected for the MLB. Even though both the NHL and NBA don’t have fixed dates to start, the general perception is that both leagues are almost ready to start soon. But MLB has been put on the spot a few times this past weeks, mostly by players who are using social media to share their opinions, as well as several new stories making it to the media headlines, for instance, the intention of making escalated salary reductions to all players, which wasn’t taking lightly by players.

And the overall picture is not looking better, starting with the coronavirus pandemic still hitting strong some states; those worries have not vanished nor reduced by the passage of time. On top of that, the health emergency has brought a financial crisis to most businesses and people due to the unexpected closure of the majority of nonessential businesses. Now, with what happened to George Floyd last week, the nation fell into a deeper crisis from coast to coast with a protest against a barbaric police system that is still racist. The last few days have been filled with violence and havoc, which put another obstacle for the league to get ready for this year’s baseball action.

The MLBPA rejected the owners’ economic proposal, sending back its own version of how things should go. However, the general opinion is that the alternative suggestions won’t be met with enthusiasm on the part of owners, which could lead to a stalemate and, possibly, no baseball.