MLB season underway, World Series odds updated

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Posted on: July 24, 2020 8:41 pm EDT

The delayed MLB regular season got off to a great start yesterday with a doubleheader. All games are being played at home stadiums, except for the Toronto Blue Jays (more on that below).

There are 14 games tonight which means everyone is in action beside the Yankees and Nationals. Five of the contests are televised on either ESPN or the MLB Network.

The Blue Jays open up their season at Tampa Bay, before heading to Washington for two games on Monday and Tuesday. They are “hosting” the Nationals on Wednesday, but the Canadian government has already said they can’t play home game in Toronto this year, and a plan to play in Pittsburgh has also fallen through. The location could end up being their Triple A site in Buffalo.

Looking at the World Series odds, they have just been updated at Winning Poker Network sportsbooks, and that will continue throughout the season. As you can see below, the L.A. Dodgers (+345) and New Yankees (+395) are in their own separate tier at the top.

After those top two squads is where things get very interesting. Since the regular season is only 60 games (down from 162), there is better chance for a medium or even long-shot to make a World Series run. Teams with young stars like the Atlanta Braves (+1650) could falter late in a normal season but may have the stamina to stay strong through all 60 this year.

Here’s a look at every team with less than +3000 odds.

World Series Odds Favorites

Los Angeles Dodgers (+345)
New York Yankees (+395)
Houston Astros (+940)
Minnesota Twins (+1400)
Atlanta Braves (+1450)
Tampa Bay Rays (+1465)
Washington National (+1650)
Cincinnati Reds (+1865)
Oakland Athletics (+1900)
New York Mets (+2650)
Cleveland Indians (+2700)
Chicago White Sox (+2800)