Mobile gaming is taking over thanks to AI and virtual reality

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Posted on: May 14, 2020 5:57 pm EDT

The mobile gaming experience is evolving almost daily due to AI innovation

An entire person’s world can now be contained in a device as small as a smartphone. The benefits that a mobile device can bring is causing other industries to revolutionize their services, and online gaming is one of them. The online gaming industry has been transitioning to mobile gaming with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), with games like VR video slots and full-service casinos. These new features are drawing new consumers from different age groups; younger populations are more likely to join the industry attracted by these new games.

There are many functionalities that a smartphone can provide, which has turned it into an indispensable device for many people. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the online gaming industry is shifting towards mobile gaming, given the number of people that own a smartphone. This new form of gambling has also reshaped the average gambler and expanded its reach; women and young people are more present in the mobile gaming scene.

At the same time, VR is starting to get more presence, offering VR-driven slot machines that are adapted to modern themes and characters that appeal to women and younger adults. AI allows online operators to adapt games to provide an engaging experience in mobile gaming through personalized recommendations and the constant addition of new games. In just a few years, mobile gaming has been able to count for 50% of the entire volume of online gambling. In the near future, these new gamblers will take over the industry when, as simply as wearing a VR device, they can connect into a virtual casino-like world to have the ultimate casino experience.