NBA players could be back on the courts soon (kind of)

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Posted on: April 29, 2020 6:15 pm EDT

The NBA has a plan to allow basketball players to start on-court practices in May

Seven weeks have passed since the last basketball action NBA fans were able to enjoy. April is almost out of the picture and uncertainty is still heavy in the air. The current coronavirus pandemic is still leading the decisions of the country’s activities, but anyways the basketball league started some discussion about the possibility of a comeback, or at least starting some workouts soon. There is still fear from some people who think that this virus that was able to stop virtually all financial activities for the first time in history, can see a resurgence if everything goes back to what it was.

The hope is set on test availability, the possibility for a vaccine and people being better trained at dealing with the pandemic as factors to consider before getting the league back in action.
After MLB announced that it is already in discussions to explore ideas to bring back baseball, the NBA seems to be cooking a new plan to begin workouts as soon as next week, hopefully.

It is just a tiny step toward resuming the season in full, but step by step, the league can learn to operate in a different way. For now, the only plan that is being presented is to allow a limited number of players coming to workouts and practices – about four of them at the same time – to practice in the team’s facility. That is what the NBA statement sent out to teams and players said. These practices are not directed, nor will they have the presence of coaches or assistants. Players will participate in shooting and dribbling practices all alone without any scrimmages.

If they are not active on court during the workouts, all players will be forced to use facemasks and all staff will need to be wearing gloves to interact with players. It may not be the ideal scenario, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.