NBA players reportedly going to participate in league-sanctioned “HORSE” tourney

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Posted on: April 9, 2020 9:18 pm EDT

As the coronavirus keeps the league from restarting its games, players could have an alternative

It is normal for high-level athletes to have one or more matches during one single week, and are they’re used to a heavy competition rhythm. The NBA is looking for alternatives to help its athletes to fight the withdrawal symptoms coming from the lack of competition they are used to. At this point in time, with the coronavirus pandemic pausing most world activities, something is better than nothing at all, or so the NBA is hoping. As a good way to keep social distancing parameters and to bring million-dollar basketball players to their basketball courts, a HORSE game might be held among players.

The news was first published by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who said on his Twitter account, “Sources: The NBA and ESPN plan to televise a HORSE competition is nearing completion and among those expected to participate include Chris Paul, Trae Young and Zach LaVine. The competition will also include a couple of WNBA players and recent NBA alumni.”

For those who are not familiar with the game, it has a simple premise. One player takes a shot, and the other one tries to replicate it. If successful, then the turn moves to the next player, but if the shot is missed, then the player starts accumulating the letters in the word “horse” one by one. The person who completes the word first gets eliminated from the game.

This is a popular game among children and teenagers that are just getting their first basketball experiences, and is common in playgrounds. It has also been taken to the next level by some players from other generations who are developing trick shots so complex their opponents won’t be able to replicate. There is nothing official from the NBA yet on when the tournaments might be held, as they might be testing first how well accepted the idea is before moving forward.