NBA to allow teams to sign players starting June 22

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Posted on: June 9, 2020 6:55 pm EDT

A “transaction window” is being opened to allow teams to beef up their rosters

As all major sports leagues finish the details to resume sports action, minus MLB, the NBA is opening a transaction window this month so teams can start negotiating with players. Since the league is heading to a restart of the interrupted season at Walt Disney World in Orlando, NBA general managers want as much roster flexibility as possible. Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks of ESPN reported that not only the 22 general managers will have some flexibility; all 30 teams can make moves.

The transaction window starts on June 22 and will last for close to a week – all details have not been finalized yet. During this period, teams are allowed to convert two-way players to regular contracts, sign free agents to contracts and convert players on ten-day contracts to standard contracts for what is left of the season. Falling in those categories, Jamal Crawford is one of the biggest names out there as a free agent and, with a ten-day contract, there is Joakin Noah, who is playing for the Clippers.

This is not something that will benefit all teams, as there are some that are full, and no spots are left to bring in new players. However, teams like the New York Nets, the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz, all have players leaving the teams after the season is done. So, there is an open opportunity to fill out the roster.

As per the measures established for the teams when the season is resumed, only 15 players can be taken to Orlando. If a replacement is needed, then that player would need to go through a quarantine period.