NCAA ready to embrace eSports leagues

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Posted on: May 11, 2020 6:44 pm EDT

As eSports continues to receive more attention, the leading collegiate athletic group is prepared to join

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted greatly the sports world, making many leagues turn their eyes to virtual sports action to fill the void. Now, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is seriously considering including eSports tournaments to its lineup. Among the game titles being considered for these events are NBA 2K, of course, and Mobile Legends.

With new priorities turned to reduce costs and keeping social distancing, the Association is planning on including, besides basketball, volleyball, track and field, and swimming during the reduced calendar for season number 96. Also, on the leagues’ plate for possible games, chess could be included. This game has been booming since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Not only will it draw new audiences, but adding eSports could be a good way for the NCAA to profit from this competitive activity that has been growing on popularity. The financial crisis caused by the pandemic demands for a cost reduction, which the Association is planning to do by hosting more eSports competitions, as well as keeping all season inaugurals very simple and not those traditional colorful ceremonies.

The organization has clearly changed its mind based on opinions made last year by NCAA president, Mark Emmert, when he expressed concerns about embracing eSports at the organization’s annual convention in January 2019. His concern was directed on describing video games as hugely misogynistic and violent, raising concerns about health and wellness. However, he has apparently now seen the light.