Negreanu will be Polk’s next podcast guest

Jon Pill
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Posted on: July 15, 2021 10:22 pm EDT

Doug Polk’s new podcast is less than a month old, but it is already going strong.

Its first episode covered the brutal backlash against Landon Tice after his backers yanked him from his challenge against Bill Perkins. The second episode of the podcasts upped the controversy stakes by tackling the idea of cheating in poker. For the third episode, Polk is increasing the blinds again, this time to $200/$400, for an in-depth chat with Daniel Negreanu.

Polk is fielding questions for Daniel from the public. In a recent tweet, he listed off the topics he plans to cover, asking the Twitterati: “What else do you guys want us to chat about?”

The topics he has already scheduled include the pocket deuces v. 83-suited hand against Phil Hellmuth, and how Hellmuth continues to beat everyone who crosses him. The pair will also touch on Polk’s video about Negreanu’s failure to win heads-up in years. Within a week of that video airing, Negreanu won his first tournament since 2013, breaking that streak.

One assumes they will also discuss tank-tops at some point.

Negreanu and Polk were once bitterly divided, sniping at each other constantly online.

However, they settled their differences in the traditional manner: hold ’em at dawn… two tables at a time, three to five times a week, for months on end. Over the course of the 25,000 hand challenge, the pair buried the hatchet, and each learned a somewhat grudging respect for the other’s place in the poker ecosystem.

The podcast isn’t the only online content about DNegs that Polk is pushing.

As well as the podcast, Polk is producing Youtube videos about Negreanu. He has also put together a module for the heads-up poker course he runs on Upswing. This will focus entirely on the challenge against Negreanu, and cover topics like how Polk used sims to train for the match. The module is also supposed to contain an analysis of “all big pots [Polk] won without showdown.”

The Polk-cast

The future of Doug Polk Podcast looks set to expand into some of Polk’s other interests. In particular, the ex-ex-ex-poker-pro plans to do more episodes on cryptocurrencies.

He has an episode planned with Jason Les, CEO of Riot Blockchain. No doubt they will touch on the recent explosion in the NFT market, as well as going over topics more specific to blockchain-as-currency.

The hype train for that episode left the station yesterday with a tweet from Polk.

“I know the pod has been more poker-themed lately,” he wrote. “But we will have some guests on to chat about some bitcoin/crypto topics in the somewhat near future. Have a podcast lined up in a couple of weeks with @JasonLes_ that should be great. Also reaching out to some other guests.”

So far the podcast seems to be doing well. There are only fifteen ratings for the show on the Apple Podcasts website at the time of writing, but all fifteen reviews are all five stars out of five.

Featured image source: Flickr by WPT