Nets’ Kevin Durant officially won’t play this season

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Posted on: June 8, 2020 6:28 pm EDT

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was expected to miss the entire NBA season this year after suffering an Achilles injury last June while playing for Golden State.

However, with the NBA season going on hiatus due to the Covid-19 situation and play now scheduled to resume on July 31st in Disney World, there was some thought that Durant could actually come back to play this year.

However, the 31-year-old put all the speculation to rest with a statement to ESPN last Friday.

“My season is over. I don’t plan on playing at all. We decided last summer when it first happened that I was just going to wait until the following season. I had no plans of playing at all this season.”

This news is really no news in my opinion. It was pure speculation that Durant would consider playing this season and not based on any fact. The smart move is for Durant to give his Achilles the extra time to fully heal and then hopefully not have it plague him for the rest of his career.

Brooklyn is almost definitely already playing without point guard Kyrie Irving (shoulder) for the rest of the year, another reason why it made little sense for Durant to come back.

NBA Title Odds soon to be released

There are no current NBA future odds at the Winning Poker Network sportsbooks, but they should be up shortly. You can expect the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks to share the top of the oddsboard when they do. The Clippers should be close behind in third, with a large gap for the fourth team.

Brooklyn will be a long-shot to win the title without Durant and Irving in the lineup.