Nevada regulators say yes to eSports betting on Dreamhack Masters event

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Posted on: May 8, 2020 6:00 pm EDT

eSports continues to gain favor with gambling regulators as a viable target for wagers

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world of sports upside down with no significant sports activity virtually anywhere. As people look for other forms of entertainment, eSports competitions are getting more attention from mainstream media and, now, lawmakers. eSports is receiving another level of legitimacy, with the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) approving legal sports betting on the upcoming DreamHack Masters Spring eSports event. This a big step for the eSports industry that has been booming during this pandemic, with even NASCAR drivers engaging in iRacing sports tournaments.

The permit is not completely liberal, and it comes with certain restrictions. People who would like to put some money on this event will need to read and understand the rules, which are set in place to protect all parties involved in the activity. DreamHack Masters is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. This is a popular tournament that normally has many fans showing up to the event; however, this year, it will be run digitally, as most events are during these pandemic times. The tournament begins on May 19.

There will be three types of bets offered by licensed sportsbooks once the State of Nevada approves the bets before going live – head-to-head, match winner and overall winner bets for this competition. Another rule set by the NGCB is that all potential gamblers must have access to the event before they can place a wager to ensure that all participants are understanding the event thoroughly. Finally, all best must be stopped at the very moment in which the game starts, as the board did not approve any in-game bets.