New AI-based tool can improve the gaming customer experience

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Posted on: June 4, 2020 10:03 pm EDT

The AI-based virtual agent gets a major upgrade

It is clear by now that the gambling industry is going through several changes that are reshaping the future of the industry. Two of the main pieces of a gambling operation are the service provided to customers and the end experience they face. The struggle has always been to find the ideal balance between servicing the customers with top support while business returns are maximized. BMIT Technologies understands the challenges for the future, especially if that future demands 24/7 support in more than one language. This tech company has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool to take the customer service to the next level.

Developed by EBO, BMIT Technologies introduced to the market a new AI-powered tool in the form of a virtual agent and offer exclusively to gaming companies. This is an innovative and effective customer support tool that will eventually automate customer service. Additionally, this tool has a side effect of improving customer onboarding or KYC (know your customer) process, as well as responsible gaming and marketing. has been featuring as a company that builds and operates devices empowered by AI to allow business to upgrade the way in which they interact with customers. This is a process that needs to be integrated gradually and BMIT has a goal of channeling this technology to its customer to help them unlock the many benefits that AI can bring to the operation. “At BMIT Technologies we pride ourselves in offering the best technology solutions to our customers. Our solutions are built on resilient infrastructure and supported by the right set-up, a highly experienced team, as well as innovative thinking that helps our customers identify opportunities to enhance their business potential,” said Christian Sammut, CEO of BMIT Technologies.