New NFL coaches could affect betting odds

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Posted on: May 28, 2020 6:21 pm EDT

One of the issues of the shortened NFL offseason, and virtual learning, has been the effect it will have on new coaches. This is something that fans and bettors alike are keenly keeping an eye on.
There are five new NFL coaches. However, two of them (Mike McCarthy of Dallas and Ron Rivera of Washington) have a significant amount of head coaching experience in the league. That will make their adjustment much easier.
The other three (Joe Judge of the Giants, Matt Rhule of Carolina and Kevin Stefanski of Cleveland) have no NFL head coaching experience. That is going to make their challenge much harder and that has to be taken into consideration when looking at their respective betting odds.

New NFL Coaches in 2020

• Joe Judge, New York Giants.
• Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys.
• Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers.
• Ron Rivera, Washington Redskins.
• Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns.

Dallas is +835 to win the NFC at Winning Poker Network sportsbooks. That ranks fourth behind San Francisco (+380), New Orleans (+470) and Tampa Bay (+530).

McCarthy was recently quoted in an ESPN article on the challenges of the shortened offseason and virtual learning:

“You really don’t have a true comparable, but I think it’s obvious to think if we started April 6, like we normally would as a first-year program, we would be in a different spot than we are here today,” McCarthy said. “I am pleased with the amount of work that we have been able to accomplish. I think our coaches have been very creative. I think the communication and correspondence with players have been excellent. The questions have been intuitive. I think it leans toward the veteran experience of our football team that we’re able to get this much work done.”

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out with these new coaches.