NFL Draft first round can affect Prop bets

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Posted on: April 24, 2020 8:02 pm EDT

If you’re like millions of Americans and other football fans around the world, then you were glued to the first round of the NFL Draft last night. After all, the draft gives hope for immediate improvement to all 32 fan-bases, and we still have two more days left (today and tomorrow).

Bettors look at the draft in an entirely different way. Yes, they remain fans of their favorite teams, but their eye is more focused on how the draft effects future odds.

The Winning Poker Network sportsbooks have all the football betting odds that anyone could want. They have Odds To Win The Super Bowl, Odds To Win Each Conference, and Odds To Win Each Division (eight total). There’s also Regular Season Win Totals for all 32 teams.

Let’s look at the Cincinnati Bengals for example. Their regular season win total is 5.5. if you choose the Over, then you have to pay a little extra -125 juice. The Under 5.5 pays out +104.

Now, Cincinnati held onto the No. 1 pick in the draft last night and took LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Burrow is expected to be a franchise quarterback, but will the limited offseason affect the timing of his development? Andy Dalton is also on the roster (for now) and his presence may help Cincy get over that 5.5 number if he is forced to play because of injury or just because Burrow isn’t ready,

Three teams that I think did very well in the first round were San Francisco, Jacksonville and Miami.

So how did your favorite team do last night? And does it affect how you feel about their Regular Season Win Total or a different future bet?

If it does, then head over to one of the Winning Poker Network’s sportsbooks and put your money where your mouth is! Good luck.