NFL Preseason reportedly cut entirely, bettors take note

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Posted on: July 21, 2020 7:01 pm EDT

We wrote an article back in early July with the breaking news that the NFL preseason was shortened to two games. We surmised at the time that it could be cut further to one game and even none.

Well, feel free to call us Nostradamus because it was reported in several outlets yesterday that the NFL has agreed to the players’ wish of no preseason games. Nothing has officially come down from the league office as of Tuesday morning (ET).
Here’s a quote last Friday from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith on a Pro Football Writers of America conference call (source This shows the thought process on the players’ side regarding these games.

“To engage in two games where players would be flying all over the country and then engaging with each other to work, and to do that prior to the season, doesn’t increase the likelihood of starting and finishing the season on time.”

Most casual football fans agree with this logic. It does help that MLB, NBA and NHL are all resuming their season shortly (MLB this Thursday). That means there is going to be plenty to capture the sports fan’s attention in August when the NFL preseason would have been played.

Bettors try to figure out new landscape

Sports bettors are a different breed and look at everything through a different lens. For example, will teams with a returning head coach and starting quarterback have a much bigger edge on the competition with no preseason contests?

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