Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser becomes the LEC Mid-Split MVP

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Posted on: July 6, 2020 6:05 pm EDT

The German eSports pro has only been active for two years

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) voted to select the Mid-Split MVP yesterday. Among the picks, the most interesting one was the rookie League of Legends support who won a spot, even over popular players such asG2’s Caps, Fnatic’s Selfmade, Rogue’s Larssen, and MAD Lion’s Humanoid. Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser was actually the only support that was fighting for this title, and he won the spot.

Kaiser is rather new to the eSports industry; the 21-year-old German support began his career back in May 2018. Ever since then, he has proven his value and is considered one of the best LEC supports over the past two splits. Kaiser displays and outstanding adaptive play style shot calls and vision control, which allowed MAD Lions to finish the first split with great success. During the regular season, the team finished third and it knocked out G2 Esports in the first Spring Split playoff round. He doesn’t seem to be threatened by the experience of other players as he plays most champions with the highest possible level and an amazing ability to adapt to the game state.

The outcome of this vote makes a clear statement that LEC rookies have a lot to give and that they will always be a challenge for the league’s veterans. Even though he was the only support making a way into the MVP team, there was also an honorable mention to Rogue’s support, Vander. He is not as new to the league as Kaiser; he actually has been in the scene since the early stages of LEC, but he has shined during this past split with his team.