OIGA Conference and Trade Show still on tap for next summer in Oklahoma

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Posted on: June 17, 2020 6:24 pm EDT

After this year’s conference was canceled due to the coronavirus, everyone is now looking to 2021

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA), a non-profit organization of Indian Nations with other non-voting associate members from Oklahoma, was established in 1986. The main purpose of this association is to ensure the welfare and advancement of Indian people in economic, social and political aspects. This organization, with the purpose of educating, is running its popular OIGA Conference and Trade Show, which is also known as the “the biggest little show in Indian Gaming,” and has announced the dates for the 2021 conference, as this year’s event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sooner State will have nearly 3,000 vendors, visitors and speakers coming into downtown Oklahoma City to both celebrate and continue advancing the industry. This conference is usually a lively, fun, informative, high-energy assembly that welcomes some of the biggest names from the gaming and hospitality industries. The usual attendees are tribal leaders, casino gaming operators and managers, casino marketers, gaming employees and regulators. The 26th annual conference and trade show will include a gold tournament benefiting the John Marley Scholarships, welcome reception and an exciting poker tournament on the first day.

The second day of the event will be dedicated to hosting all the planned sessions with the industry experts, followed by the Awards ceremony and later that day, the Trade Show floor will officially open. The third day will continue with more sessions and more entertainment that can be easily found at the trade show. The sessions include the participation of vendors and businesses from gaming machines and equipment to food service supplies, hospitality professional services and more.