Overseas NFL games not likely to happen this season

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Posted on: May 4, 2020 9:36 pm EDT

The NFL schedule, expected to be announced this week, might not include London or Mexico City

The NFL is just a few days from releasing its full schedule for the 2020 season, though it might look very different from what everyone is used to. This schedule will bring a big change with it, as any games initially scheduled to take place abroad will almost certainly be relocated stateside. Matt Hughes of the Daily Mail stated confirmed one of the reasons to be the financial issues that are being experienced by Premier League soccer team Tottenham and some other details.

Wembley Stadium was supposed to be the host of two NFL games that could be relocated to the US. According to Hughes, it is “not feasible” for the NFL to play those games in London this year. However, the league’s commitment is still set on running the complete 16-game season, even if some believe that it can’t be done due to the postponements. Changes already happened during these offseason schedules having many events running virtually, like the NFL Draft. It is yet to be seen if the coronavirus pandemic impact is going to also affect the players returning to training camps.

With all the recent radical changes that have been proposed by the league recently, the decision of the NFL to move games out of Europe comes as no surprise. Considering how things are evolving around the world, it is near impossible to think of the football league making arrangements overseas to play in London and, most likely, the same will hold true for the games that would have taken place south of the border in Mexico City.