Play Globally signs multi-year deal with AI-centered Context Networks

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Posted on: May 1, 2020 6:41 pm EDT

Context Networks will handle the gaming company’s marketing and advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been advancing at a fast pace within the gambling industry. A new deal is bringing an AI-based company to manage advertising and marketing campaigns for an online poker operator. This new partnership finds Play Globally Inc, an operator of Poker Racebook and Poker Sportsbook, and Context Networks, joining up to use the latter’s Contextual Promotions Media Network to service Play Globally. This software takes data and delivers deep analytical insights which are powered in the blockchain, machine learning, and AI.

This multi-year publisher agreement will allow Context Networks to use its proprietary tool to manage not only advertising, but also all sponsored tournaments hosted on the Poker Sportsbook mobile app for certain casinos and some other jurisdictions. Contextual Promotions Media Network brings in-depth analysis coming from effective data processing, different from what humans do.

Matthew Olden, Founder and CEO of Context Networks, commented on this new partnership by saying that the new agreement is coming at a good time for the online gambling industry, as more players are attracted to online grounds due to the current coronavirus pandemic. “As more fans turn to apps and online options, this agreement will enhance opportunities for players and gamers in both casino environments and on mobile devices across the globe. The combination of these technologies provides new valuable revenue opportunities for casinos in the form of a value-added experience for players,” said Olden.

According to Stephen Dunham, President and CEO of Play Globally, the company has been wanting to close a deal with a company that could help them enhance its casino and mobile gaming experiences. “At a time when social gaming downloads are exploding, fans’ appetite for sports is ravenous, and casinos want added value for their guests, the Context Networks and Play Globally combination uniquely delivers on all bases,” added Dunham.