Playing tight and aggressive in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: April 23, 2020 5:05 pm EDT

Learning how to identify tight or aggressive players is a major key to success in poker

It is important in any game of Texas Hold’em to know as much as possible about the types of opponents found at a table. Typically, a tight poker player does not play every hand; instead, he or she is very picky, not only with the cards in hand, but also with the position at the table. Alternatively, there are those known as loose poker players who will like any card combination in hands and could play virtually any hand. As part of one’s strategy, it becomes relevant to get to know the possible actions of these types of players as a potential strategy for a better game.

For tight players, it is safe to think that, when they decide to jump in a hand, most likely it will be because they have something of value, or at least something decent. These players have another side to them, and they can be overly aggressive when finally deciding to go for a pot. This means that they can raise or even re-raise if the cases require so. For the most part, these players will engage in continuation bets to go after the pot with everything they have.

A loose player, however, is harder to read. Who knows what kind of hand they are cooking up. More passive players will play many hands but just occasionally will raise and probably only call pots when absolutely necessary. By applying a forceful play, these players can be scared away from the pot easily, as they get anxious about the hands they have.

Just as much as you are paying attention to other players in the table, they will be doing the same to you. Using a change of strategy from loose to a tighter style can confuse the other players and give you an edge.