Poker players can test their mind skills in upcoming Mind Sports Olympiad

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Posted on: July 17, 2020 5:41 pm EDT

The upcoming competition will be held virtually, increasing global participation

This year’s Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO), including the poker portion of this intellectual showdown, was moved to the virtual world due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This is a great opportunity for those poker players who believe they have the best mind in gaming to put their mental skills to the test.
Participation in this activity is totally free and open to all players across the globe.

All of the tournaments that are part of this series are also free and points are awarded based on the results of the final position in the event. Across all multi-table tournaments that will be offered, the player with the top score will be crowned the 2020 Amateur Poker World Champion. MSO is designed to establish who the top players are in several games, including determining an overall champion – called the Pentamind – for the top performer across five different disciplines.

For this process, the organizers use a formula to calculate a player’s score from five events picked from the five different disciplines. As part of the MSO, there are 15 different disciplines and poker is one of them. The player with the top score at the end of all events will be crowned the 2020 Pentamind World Championship.

For poker, there will be a total of seven free-to-play tournaments that will be offered. For these events play money chips will be used and the only requirement is that entrants must be 18 or older.