Poker pro John Kim fears he could be diagnosed with coronavirus

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Posted on: April 6, 2020 9:54 pm EDT

The 46-year-old player is now waiting for the results of his test after his brother was infected with COVID-19

The US has been taking a hard hit with the number of people that have contracted the COVID-19 after it was declared a global pandemic. Over 300,000 Americans across the country have tested positive, and one of them is the brother of a Las Vegas professional poker player. John Kim is 46 years old and, since he was exposed to the virus by his brother, he got tested and he is now awaiting his own results.

Kim is currently nervous about his 74-year-old mother, who is in good health condition, as she might have caught this highly contagious disease. Both Kim and his mother spend a lot of time very close to his brother, so he knew he had to get tested. It took him a while to find a location with available tests, which he did on Friday, and the results won’t be available for another 71 hours. “I went through a drive-through and didn’t have to leave the car,” he said in an interview. “They stick a long swab up your nose and it takes about 10 seconds. Definitely uncomfortable enough that I became a little teary-eyed from it being up to my nose so far.”

What he faced while trying to find a place to get the testing done is something that people are complaining about a lot. Despite 300,000 people in the US testing positive from coronavirus, there are probably more people with positive coronavirus cases since testing kits are limited. “I’m frustrated with a few things,” he explained. “Lack of testing and how long the results take. The low sense of urgency I see from some people, including a few of my friends.”

Kim usually prefers the online poker scenario rather than live poker. He expressed his frustration toward the people that are not taking this global health pandemic seriously enough, although he says his friends all listened. Kim also criticized the US government and how it has failed the city with “a lack of testing and being late to the game.”