PokerStars customer service reportedly at an all-time low

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Posted on: May 15, 2020 5:23 pm EDT

Unsurprisingly, PokerStars is ignoring its users as it continues to turn away from poker

For the last few months, online poker site PokerStars has been the target of a lot of criticism on social media regarding the efficiency of its service to customers. This site counts for nearly 70% of the total online market share and, lately, it has gone from giving good service to any query within minutes, to completely ignoring the players. Several professional poker players and users had complained publicly about the lack of service; for instance, one online user in a tweet, “I emailed @PokerStars @StarsSupport 4 weeks and 1 day ago and 20+ times after and I’m still waiting.”

Ever since the online site entered an agreement to be purchased by Flutter Entertainment, it has been in decadence. It was once one of the best places to engage in great online poker action, but now it’s leading towards losing respect from the poker community. Even the high-profile figures that were once PokerStars ambassadors have been leaving the site one by one, looking for better options. Top Twitch streamer Jaime Staples recently parted ways with the site, which had given him his big break.

Apparently, the recent post of that customer who, four weeks after sending a request didn’t get any responses, unveiled a lot of other situations other customers have experienced in the site. Of course, with all the noise created, the site replied to the Twitter post, confirming the reply of the email along with an apology. But that is not the case for many poker players who are having the same response from its customer service team – complete silence.