PokerStars VR nears October 25 launch date on Meta Quest Pro

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: October 24, 2022 1:28 am EDT

Virtual reality meets online poker in an enhanced way on Tuesday, October 25, when PokerStars VR launches on Meta’s new Quest Pro virtual-reality headset. The immersive, free-to-play video game is one of a handful of titles selected to be part of the Quest Pro launch. Users will enjoy enhanced performance, including full-color effects, amid a complete mixed-reality experience that includes face and eye tracking and other state-of-the-art technology.

According to a pre-release statement from PokerStars parent Flutter Entertainment, “Players using Quest Pro will be able to adapt their surroundings to suit their playing habits. Options will include a fully immersive virtual reality experience, partial immersion that brings objects or spaces from their physical world into the game through editable ‘passthrough windows’, and full mixed reality that enables players to bring core virtual game elements into their own world.”

PokerStars has created the enhanced PokerStars VR game in partnership with Lucky VR, a noted developer of virtual-reality gaming experiences. The Quest Pro release adds a new level of face and eye-tracking, which in turn magnifies the social dimension available through PokerStars VR, which is available across multiple platforms. For instance, the enhancements within the Quest Pro version allow players to make and see realistic facial expressions in their customized avatars. “Players can sit down together and smile, frown, and glance at their cards, just like a live environment,” the Flutter release notes.

The new release includes increased haptics — meaning the technological stimulation of various senses, including sight and sound — while the game’s environment spreads far beyond the poker itself. Players also can use and enjoy the full experience of the hundreds of toys, props and items available within the PokerStars VR world.

According to James O’Reilly, the Director of VR and Innovation at PokerStars, “Our goal with PokerStars VR is to push the potential of new technologies as far as we can to create a fun and authentic social casino game that really is limitless. We’re extremely proud to be part of the launch of Meta’s Quest Pro, which is a transformation in virtual and mixed reality. Our developers have been having great fun exploring what this technology means for our players and we can’t wait to show them what we have in store.”

Featured image source: PokerStars VR