Reddit might be rolling out a crypto tipping system

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Posted on: April 9, 2020 9:26 pm EDT

A Reddit user finds possible evidence of a new digital currency tipping function on the site

The era of digital currency comes with many perks and functionalities that can be integrated into apps and platforms in new and creative ways. Reddit has been working on a blockchain-based feature that could be integrated into its app to create a tipping system, according to a screen recording posted in the Cryptocurrency subreddit today. Based on what was shared in a video posted by MagoCrypto, the Reddit apps show a new build with mention to some community points.

The video has not been verified yet, but it shows a walkthrough of this new feature. It seems to be that Reddit might be experimenting with using a blockchain or a cryptocurrency-related system to reward community posts. This is not the first time Reddit shows interest in developing a reward system for users. A year ago, it presented that “community points” initiative to reward the user’s engagement with the platform. Back then, it was well-received by users, but, from the looks of the reactions to these videos, some users are concerned about the use of a blockchain to protect using a buzzword. Some other users are already going beyond thinking if Reddit will be building its own blockchain or if a current one will be integrated.

A blockchain-based platform could really take Reddit to the next level in mainstream adoption. In February 2020 alone, over 1.3 billion unique visitors opened; in December 2019 the site had reported 430 million active users. With 38% of Reddit users describing themselves as technology lovers, the integration of a blockchain makes sense. There is a current cryptocurrency feature to tip posts; however, it does not belong to Reddit, but to the Brave Browser.