Social media is evolving rapidly due to artificial intelligence

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Posted on: May 15, 2020 5:19 pm EDT

AI’s impact on social media will ultimately chance social gaming, as well

The easiness of integration of artificial intelligence (AI) provides a powerful tool to be added to many activities. Several of the things people use every day are already somehow empowered by AI, even social media. Even if its impact on social media can’t be noticed by everyone yet, AI has the power to disrupt the ways in which social media works. As social media continues evolving, machine learning (ML) technology empowered by AI can help to moderate content in an effective way. That has been one of the hardest things to accomplish with more than three billion social media users, 125 million Twitter users, and more than five billion Google search queries.

AI and ML have made significant advances when it comes to moderating content. This technology is presenting a solution to tackle moderation and monitoring all at one. Even though AI has been more present in video games, gaming, sounds and images, it can also be adapted to learn proper filters and recognize problematic content. The challenge with AI is that it requires a learning process; therefore, its effectiveness might not be ideal during its initial phases. But with all the data that these machines continue to collect and process, this can turn into a powerful tool that can eventually make the right decision about what content requires an action.

The ongoing challenge for these algorithms that intend to mimic a human brain is to make smart decisions facing the unknown. Social media is still flagged everywhere with wrongful content coming from all those bad actors, who get more creative every time. There has been an ongoing trend to exploit people’s prejudices, their opinions, and affecting their overall behavior, and AI will offer in the near future a solution for all the hate circulating on social media.