Sony picks up new patent to use AI to reduce gaming lag

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Posted on: June 12, 2020 6:15 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence continues to play an important role in many everyday activities

Sony Corporation has been working on developing an artificial intelligence (AI) tool in order to reduce the lag in video games. According to a report from TGP, Sony has registered a new patent for this software that, if introduced in PlayStation 5, would be great news for gamers who still struggle with a poor m/s response time. This would especially in games where it’s crucial like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Street Fighter V. Lag in video games has been one of the oldest issues for gamers and that still happens, especially in countries with poor internet connections.

For now, it’s just a patent, so anything could happen before it becomes reality. However, this seems like a good idea for Sony to compete with its next-generation console that will be released late this year. According to the patent information and its use of AI, “The present disclosure is related to allocating resources for an online game, and more specifically to building an artificial intelligence (AI) model and using the AI model to identify and allocate resources for the online game. Additional resources may be identified that provided higher bandwidth for transmitting the frames to the client devices.”

Sony added in its patent filing that, based on that discovery, “the algorithm may identify the processing resources and provision these processing resources in anticipation that the gameplay may require these resources to provide the game data to the client device with very minimal lag.” Sony’s design is able to allocate required resources for a better online experience, “The resources that may be identified by the algorithm for provisioning to the online game may be the same resources that were previously assigned to the online game or resources that have similar or better capabilities,” added the patent report.