Summer Shuffle eSports event allegedly falsified massive amounts of data

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Posted on: July 2, 2020 7:08 pm EDT

Summer Shuffle eSports event allegedly falsified massive amounts of data

The NA Summer Shuffle has been recently involved in a scandal for allegedly falsifying information regarding its self-promoted tier-two Dota 2 eSports event. The final outcome was quite different from what the initial promise was, according to several people from the Dota 2 community, who reported the situation. Apparently, the Summer Shuffle falsified players, sponsors and even prize money for the competition – the organizers went as far as postponing matches so they could run the matches without the actual teams that were supposed to play.

Two of the affected teams noticed what happened and were quick to make a public report. They claim that the tournament organizers for Summer Shuffle used their league ticket and even fake player accounts to get some false tournament results. One of the teams, Infinity Esports, claimed that their matches were being postponed to July 1 as per the organizers’ notification. But, on that same day, the team received several reports that both their names and player tags were being used to play at the event.

“We received messages where we were playing the tournament,” Infinity Esports said. “Upon finding out, we entered the organization’s discord and didn’t get an answer. Apparently fake accounts were created and used the team’s TAG along with the player’s nicknames to run the game. Just to clarify, we have nothing to do with these games and more are being investigated on the matter to solve the case.”

During that match, where they weren’t playing, Infinity defeated Doze Reborn 2-0 in a landslide series. However, Doze was not there either, so the team was able to find out something was off. The eSports organization asked the tournament organizers if the sponsors and guaranteed prize pool were also legit, and they didn’t get a favorable response.