Team SoloMid plans on building a $50-million eSports facility in Las Angeles

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Posted on: April 15, 2020 10:20 pm EDT

The eSports organization is expected to break ground on the new venue later this year

One of the most popular eSports organizations in the North American region, Team SoloMid (TSM), has announced plans to build a brand-new performance center this year. Los Angeles is now destined to be the location of this new eSports facility that will feature a content studio, gym, lounge and more. But, more importantly, the organization will move its headquarters to this center to, among other benefits, make practice time much easier for the teams.

The total investment for this new construction will be $50 million. It will be a 25,000-square foot facility that will have a variety of spaces, such as a Lenovo Lounge, a merchandise store, coaching rooms, outdoor event space and a kitchen, among many others. Most of those rooms that will be created inside of the facility are nothing new, and other teams have similar rooms in their facilities. But, the Outdoor Event Area and TSM Stage seem to be out of the ordinary; this might be where the organization is investing the most money.

Luckily for fans, TSM uploaded to YouTube a virtual tour of the construction so everyone can see what is to come. Leena Xu, president of TSM, shared some details regarding the decoration of the place, indicating that most walls will be painted in black and white and will be covered in LED lighting. The facility is still at the initial phase of its construction and, perhaps, production could be slowed due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic. It seems to be this facility will also serve another purpose, as well – to be a tour-friendly facility that fans everywhere can come can visit.