The NBA Bubble could be about to burst

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Posted on: July 15, 2020 7:15 pm EDT

Lockdowns aren’t very effective and several players have tested positive for COVID-19

As the NBA prepares to conclude its 2019-2020 season that was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, the magic bubble that was supposed to keep everyone involved with the league safe, might be about to burst. According to some reports, several people currently living inside this NBA bubble, located at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida, are calling the anonymous tip line to make reports about colleagues and other people who are violating the established guidelines for social distancing and the use of facemasks, among other things.

Among the anonymous reports made there were things like players playing golf without using facemasks and without keeping the recommended distance of six feet – this was the case for players with the Celtics, who were spotted golfing without facemasks. There was even a video posted online where two players of the Brooklyn Nets were acting as the lead characters of the Titanic movie while taking a boat trip and definitely not keeping the social distance – although they were wearing facemasks.

This past Tuesday, several teams traveled to the Sunshine State to begin the training. But now NBA commissioner Adam Silver is expressing concerns regarding the current situation. The league is actually expecting to see positive cases of coronavirus as more teams arrive on the NBA campus, and they all will be tested once everyone finally arrives. In addition to that, players and staff will need to quarantine for at least two days.

For Silver, “What would be most concerning is once players enter this campus and then go through our quarantine period, then if they were to test positive or if we were to have any positive tests, we would know we would have an issue,” he said during a virtual interview with Fortune Brainstorm Health.