The NBA has a plan to get back in the game

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Posted on: April 13, 2020 8:38 pm EDT

Sidelined due to the coronavirus, the NBA is making preparations to put players back on the court

The hopes are up for things to start going back to a new normal after the coronavirus pandemic has created quite a financial havoc in most countries. With authorities starting to talk about the possibility of restarting normal activities very soon, the major sports leagues are doing their share to plan ahead and secure a comeback sooner rather than later. The NBA has presented its 25-day plan so players can get back into game shape and be ready for the court shortly after the sports activities are resumed.

This plan will take effect as soon as there is an established date for the NBA season to restart, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst report on Sunday. This “25-day plan” as described, will conclude with players being ready to jump back to the game and continue with regular-season games. “They’re spending a lot of time getting a back-to-basketball plan ready,” Windhorst said during a TV interview talking about recent activities coming from the league officials. “What they’re looking at is a 25-day return-to-basketball window,” he continued. “… An 11-day series of individual workouts, where there’d be social distancing for a period of time, and then hopefully … a 14-day training camp,” said Windhorst.

The NBA officially stop all activities since March 11 and no further decisions will be made until at least May 1, according to what Commissioner Adam Silver said. Before it was suspended, the regular basketball season still had one more month of playtime, with another two months for the playoffs to be completed. Since the regular 2020-2021 season would begin in October, the beginning could be affected, as well.