The Washington Redskins face huge scandal after executives accused of sexual harassment

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Posted on: July 17, 2020 5:43 pm EDT

Several executives have already been forced out and more changes could be coming

The Washington Redskins made the headlines recently because the owner, after decades of refusal, has finally agreed to change the name of the team. However, this new appearance in the news is not at all positive. At least fifteen women who used to work for the franchise are coming forward to make public accusations of the sexual harassment they endured while working for the team. The allegations are directed towards several executives from the organization, and are said to have occurred from 2006 to 20019.

Among the accusations, these women declared that they were victims of unwanted sexual comments or sexual overtures, unwanted touching and directives to dress revealingly and even to flirt in order to close deals with clients. There were several executives accused, including three former members of team owner Daniel Snyder’s inner circle, as well as two members of the team’s personnel department who had been with the team for a long time. In addition to these women, two female reporters who used to covered news about the team revealed similar allegations.

Out of those 15 women, only one of them gave her name, but they all reported stories of the things they lived while working there. These women claimed that the staffers were making comments on women’s bodies, asking if them if they were romantically interested in them, or telling them to expect an “inappropriate hug … And don’t worry that will be a stapler in my pocket, nothing else,” said one woman. “It was the most miserable experience of my life,” one of the women added.

Snyder has tried to distance himself from the allegations and has issued a public statement asserting his lack of knowledge about the harassment. He has pledged to correct the issues and hold the individuals accountable, but it isn’t yet clear if the league will take any action.