Tool released to decrypt files locked by VCryptor ransomware

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Posted on: June 4, 2020 10:22 pm EDT

A company out of Spain has reportedly developed a tool that can crack the malware’s security

One of the known cryptocurrency schemes perpetrated by VCryptor ransomware is getting a solution coming from the Spain-based telecommunications conglomerate Telefónica. Yesterday, the company announced a free tool so affected people can recover encrypted data after suffering a VCryptor ransomware attack. This tool is part of an initiative that is seeking to put an end to ransomware completely. This alliance has been established by McAfee, Europol, Politie, and Kaspersky; this is just one of the tools that aim to decrypt almost 134 types of ransomware.

Telefonica’s specialized cybersecurity unit, ElevenPaths, explained that VCryptor created a password-protected .zip file to store all stolen data and get it encrypted. Then, it generates new files with the extension “.vcrypt,” that replaces all files. The scheme then continues by sending a message to the victim to notify about the attack with the instruction to pay the hackers a ransom using digital currencies so the access to the files can be restored – mostly in Bitcoin (BTC). For ElevenPaths, this new tool is seeking to take advantage of the weak point shown by the attackers in their encryption password method.

Another collaboration from this security division in the past was a tool capable of decrypting files affected by PopCorn ransomware. Last month, an alliance between Interpol and the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky launched a campaign called “Anti-Ransomware Day,” declared on May 12. Beyond anything else, the purpose is to raise awareness about the effects of ransom-centric cyberattacks that continue to affect both people and businesses across the globe.