Twitch’s Hearthstone Battlegrounds Brawl gives some viewers extra benefits

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Posted on: June 24, 2020 9:56 pm EDT

The event handed out free prizes to some eSports fans

Streaming platform Twitch delivered a great treat for the fans of Hearthstone Battlegrounds in its platform. Blizzard hosted a Battlegrounds Brawl event yesterday as part of the Felfire Festival that is currently taking place. This tournament welcomed four teams of 16 players who were competing for a portion of the $200,000 prize pool. Even fans were getting small prizes without competing.

The only requirement for the users was to have Twitch drops enabled while watching two hours of any Hearthstone stream all day yesterday. By doing this, each fan would earn a free Ashes of Outland card pack. For those who stayed longer – up to four hours – Twitch granted one more free Ashes of Outland card pack. In order to enable Twitch’s drops, the user needs to navigate through the site’s settings when and Twitch accounts can be connected together by using the connections tab.

During this event, two different games were played simultaneously in each round. At the end of each round, individual competitors were awarded points based on their placement, so they could be added to the team’s total score. The first place received five points, four points went to second place, third place was given two points and fourth place received a single point.

After completing the established seven rounds, each team’s total score determined the final placements and the distribution of the prize pool. The first place will take home $20,000 per player and the second place will get $12,500 for each team member. The third place will take $10,000 per competitors and, finally, the fourth-place team will earn $7,500 per member.