Understanding expected variance in poker Sit & Gos

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Posted on: July 1, 2020 6:53 pm EDT

Being a solid poker player means not being rigid as the game progresses

Variance is not a bad thing to have in a game of poker; however, it can set your frustration to the edge if not handled properly. Playing Sit & Go (SnG) games comes with a lot of variances and, depending on the specific limits and type of game, SnG players are used to ranging their stack from 5-20 buys-ins on a regular basis. If you enjoy playing these types of tournaments, then it is important to invest some time understanding how variance can affect your game and how to act on any given situation, to keep frustration away.

Knowing how to play with a lot of variance comes in handy, especially because, typically speaking, the tournaments with the most variance usually have the highest returns. One of the lessons you can learn when playing SnGs is that the more risk you take, the more reward you can expect; of course, that depends if your move was successful. For being able to take some risks, the most important thing you need to focus on is your bankroll; that’s the major aspect of being successful during one of these tournaments.

In addition to managing your bankroll properly, a little self-discipline is required to comfortably adjust your limits up and down when the game requires it. In addition, if you feel things are getting too stressful, you should know when you need to take a break and try another type of game. A common scenario in a SnG would be losing 10-20 buys-ins all in one hand and even more, especially when playing a heads-up SnG. The most important thing is to know this could happen and move on to another hand before letting the major loss affect you mentally.