Upcoming Call of Duty League championship expands to 12 teams

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Posted on: May 20, 2020 6:33 pm EDT

The final run for the championship includes all 12 teams, not just the top eight

Format changes will be made to this year’s Call of Duty League (CDL) championship. All twelve teams will have more chances to advance as they will be competing for the championship in a double-elimination tournament. The main change is that the bottom four teams will be included in the competition, also giving fans a reason to continue supporting their teams. Before this change, the top eight teams would have advanced to the next phase, while the bottom four teams would have been out of the competition altogether.

Adding four more teams also means changes in the structure of the events. So, the new seeding for the championship will start with first and second places getting automatically seeded into round 3 of the winner’s bracket. Then, third and fourth places will be seeded automatically into round 2 of the winner’s bracket. Places five through eight will be going to round 1 of the winner’s bracket and, finally, places nine through 21 will be trying their luck into round 1 of the elimination bracket.

The team placement will depend on how consistent the teams’ performances have been during the whole Call of Duty League. The top four teams are expected to be the most dominant teams in the league, while the bottom four will be the teams with less success. This new format has raised some anger among some of the fans due to how much the number of wins influences how close teams get to the final – notably, the first and second places would have to win only three series to become champions.