Upcoming Casino Esports Conference in Vegas to address eSports growth

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Posted on: June 12, 2020 6:18 pm EDT

The conference will be held this September and will address the growing interest in sports gambling

Amid the coronavirus pandemic where most regular sports saw their competitions stopped, the eSports scene became one of the main sources of income for most sport gambling companies that saw their revenue from sports betting to hit the floor. That’s why eSports are receiving special attention at the forefront of the new gaming revolution with the Casino Esports Conference (CEC) to take place in Las Vegas. This conference will focus on all areas of esports and video gaming entertainment for the casinos, college and cinema industries.

This conference will go through the legal, policy and regulatory dimensions that can affect the operations of this new form of gaming and entertainment. This single event brings talented speakers and attendees coming from the esports, casino, college and cinema worlds in a way to bring an understanding of how to take advantage of the industry so other types of companies can profit from it.

This will be the fourth edition of this conference and its agenda is only getting better. The lineup has been updated to provide better networking opportunities with true business value. This two-day hands-on event connects esports and video gaming industries with casino industries directly. Players, marketers, developers, products, services, event providers, lawyers and educators can take advantage of the networking opportunities and engage in the most direct and informative connections that can help casinos working on transitioning to incorporate the eSports video gaming phenomenon to their services.

Among confirmed panelists there are Frank Ng, director and CEO of Allied eSports Entertainment, Ted Schilowitz, Futurist Paramount Pictures and Roberta Perry, VP of Business Development at Edwards Technologies, Inc.