US High Schools now have an “official” eSports league

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Posted on: April 8, 2020 5:49 pm EDT

PlayVS has been launched to create an established platform for high school-level eSports

The eSports industry has come so far in recent years that high school students will now be encouraged to play and compete in video game competitions, rather than stay away from them. Of course, while promoting healthy lifestyles. High school students will be able to compete against other high school students through an online eSports platform that was recently launched, and which bills itself as an “official high school eSports league.” PlayVS wants to bring eSports to high school in the same way that traditional sports like basketball or football are currently found.

This platform was created back in 2018 as a regional solutions, and it has been offering state championship competitions to high school students until recently. PlayVS is an integrated platform in which students can also build and manage teams, check schedules and track stats, backed up by real-time support. “Video games are a passion for millions of students around the world,” said PlayVS. That is why this platform is looking for students to “form social bonds and find community while pursuing something they care about.” This is a good way to engage students in an activity that they feel passionate about and, at the same time, get rewarded for their skills and their development.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has partnered up with the company behind this online platform to allow high schools to pay $64 per player in the league so that they can compete against neighboring schools. For each state, the NFHS will be the one setting up the rules of the competition, just like it does with traditional sports. The new PlayVS league is planning to operate in more than 19,000 schools.